Bachelor Fine Arts

Discovering the various fields and movements of contemporary art by developing one’s own artistic expression. Such is the opportunity offered by this Bachelor programme to young, passionate artists wishing to perfect their technique, experiment with discourse and consolidate a critical stance. Students benefit from practical and theoretical supervision provided by major actors of the contemporary art scene.

Thanks to state-of-the-art infrastructure, workshops with acknowledged artists and courses provided by experienced practitioners, the students gradually become seasoned in numerous techniques (etching, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, sound, screen printing, lithography) and means of expression (performance, video, installation, new media or exhibition design). Theory also plays a major role, supported by studio visits and exhibitions as well as a host of multidisciplinary lectures within ECAL.

From pure artistic practice to exhibition curatorship, via writing, teaching or research, the range of opportunities is all the wider by creating an exceptional portfolio. This programme is also a gateway to the Master Fine Arts at ECAL or in another institution.

Stéphane Kropf

Antonio Albanese
Luc Andrié
Francis Baudevin
Geoffrey Cottenceau
Stéphane Dafflon
Philippe Decrauzat
Claus Gunti
Stéphanie Moisdon, Paris
Karim Noureldin
Christian Pahud
Tatiana Rihs
Denis Savary
Pierre Vadi

Christian Besson, Dijon
Isabelle Cornaro, Paris
François Cusset, Paris
Gallien Déjean, Paris
Patricia Falguières, Paris
Tristan Garcia, Paris
Maxime Guitton, Paris
Federico Nicolao, Paris
Sophie Nys, Zürich
Pierre Ponant, Paris
Jeanne Quéheillard, Bordeaux
Arnaud Viviant, Paris

Visiting lecturers
Dove Allouche, Paris
John M Armleder
Andrea Bellini
Luca Francesconi, Milan
Wade Guyton, New York
David Hominal, Berlin
Phillip King, Londres
Emil Michael Klein
Erik Lindman, New York
Balthazar Lovay
Tobias Madison, Zurich
Piper Marshall, New York
Helen Marten, Londres
Mélodie Mousset, Los Angeles
Virginia Overton, New York
John Tremblay, New York
Dan Walsh, New York
Jessica Warboys, Londres

Gravure workshop
François Kohler

Lithography workshop
Simon Paccaud 

Silkscreen workshop
Sylvain Croci-Torti

Loucia Carlier
Flora Mottini

Admission requirements

6 semesters

Yearly fees
CHF 1925. –

180 ECTS

Qualification Issued
Bachelor of Arts HES-SO in Fine Arts

Piguet Galland x ECAL
Collaboration with Piguet Galland bank.
Evaluations 2AV
Beasts and Spirits
Workshop with Tina Braegger
IKEA Festival – Let’s Make Room for Life
IKEA invites LMX, a collective of ECAL Bachelor Fine Arts and Bachelor Media & Interaction Design students, to produce acrylic paintings with a programmable machine. Using the extensive possibilities of randomness, colour mix, superposition and serial production provided by the machine, the students create numerous artworks.
More Rules for Modern Life
A selection of pieces by ECAL Bachelor Industrial Design and Bachelor Fine Arts students under the guidance of Christophe Guberan and Stéphane Kropf. Exhibition curated by John M Armleder.