Master Type Design

ECAL is introducing a new master’s degree in Type Design as from the 2016 academic year. Unique in Switzerland, this two-year programme gives graduate students with a Bachelor in Graphic Design an opportunity to develop projects in the long term. This training provides privileged access to one of the flagship disciplines in Swiss graphic design, relying on ECAL’s expertise in this field as the first Swiss school to have integrated digital typography as part of its curriculum.

With the support of renowned professionals and academics, students explore fields ranging from corporate typography to experimental research, focusing on creativity. They work on techniques specific to typeface design (calligraphy, work on curves, construction, digital drawing), including in the field of non-Latin fonts. They acquire and develop a sharp and thoughtful eye, technical and methodological skills and an ability to produce quality digital fonts with efficiency and rigour (mastering, scripting) as part of courses and workshops where their projects are assessed and commented by experts invited for conferences and individual interviews. Finally, they attend lectures and research sessions around concepts ranging from the prospective to the historical, including aesthetic and legal aspects, which are given concrete form through dissertations, online or paper publications and even exhibitions.

The skills and projects developed throughout the curriculum serve to produce a portfolio that meets the highest standards. At the end of their curriculum, having acquired a solid typographical culture, students will have the  opportunity to apply their skills either as part of a company or in a self-employed capacity.


Matthieu Cortat, Lyon

Matthieu Cortat, Lyon
Anniina Koivu, Basel
François Rappo

Kai Bernau, The Hague
Wayne Daly, London
Roland Früh, St. Gallen
Marie Lusa, Zurich
Bruno Maag, London
Radim Peško, London

Paul Barnes, London
Sofie Beier, Copenhague
Peter Biľak, The Hague
Julia Born, Zurich
Thibault Brevet, Berlin
Johannes Breyer, Berlin
Laurenz Brunner, Zurich
Maria Doreuli, Moscow
Alaric Garnier, Paris
Gilles Gavillet, Geneva
Roger Gorrindo, Lyon
Fabian Harb, Basel
Atilla Korap, Frankfurt
Henrik Kubel, London
Rory McGrath, London
Yoann Minet, Paris
John Morgan, London
Reto Moser, Bern
Michele Patané, London
Edwin Pickstone, Glasgow
Krista Radoeva, London
Alice Savoie, Lyon
Régis Tosetti, Paris

Leonardo Azzolini
Simon Mager

Radim Peško 16424

Atlas of Letterforms, workshop with Radim Peško

Roger Gorrindo 16508

Stonecutting workshop with Roger Gorrindo

Type Bulletin #1 16858

Type Bulletin #1

Type Bulletin #1 16733

Type Bulletin #1

Malte Bentzen - Modern Gothic 16857

Modern Gothic, semester project by Malte Bentzen

Heejae Yang - Actual 16507

Actual, diploma project by Heejae Yang

Alaric Garnier 17128

Signpainting workshop with Alaric Garnier

Alaric Garnier 17137

Signpainting workshop with Alaric Garnier

Jacopo Aztori - Röma 16866

Röma, diploma project by Jacopo Aztori

Malte Bentzen, Kaj Lehmann 16882

Semester project by Malte Bentzen and Kaj Lehmann. Tutored by Kai Bernau

Arve Båtevik - Otto 16426

Otto, diploma project by Arve Båtevik. Winner of the Prix David Rust 2017

Arve Båtevik - Otto 16873

Research book for Otto, diploma project by Arve Båtevik. Winner of the Prix David Rust 2017

Arve Båtevik - Otto 16881

Type specimen for Otto, diploma project by Arve Båtevik. Winner of the Prix David Rust 2017