ECAL 2017


by 3CVmid, 3DI

Teacher(s): Cyril Diagne, Stéphane Halmaï-Voisard

This project is the result of a collaboration between students in Bachelor Industrial Design and in Bachelor Media & Interaction Design following a workshop led by Map Project Office."Double action" is part of the exhibition "Ligne de Mire" presented at mudac in Lausanne, from 14 March to 26 August 2018.

In the society that Orwell describes in Nineteen Eighty-Four, every citizen is under constant monitoring by the authorities. The people are constantly reminded of this by the slogan “Big Brother is watching you”. Nowadays in the Digital Age, biometric recognition and artificial intelligence (AI) surveillance systems thrive quietly in our back pocket.

Not far from what Orwell prophesied, in Two Thousand Eighteen, with all those powerful technologies at our fingertips, "Point-and-shoot" proposes two playful devices arising from “open source” AI technologies such as dense captioning (DenseCap), with "Talking Camera" — a camera that instantly audio translates the scene you just shot—and facial recognition AI algorithms, with "Move’n’Pick" — a people-triggered camera that captures pictures when subjects are striking the pre-selected pose.

"Talking Camera" is a device that instantly translates the scene it captures.

ECAL/Amélie Demay, Pierry Jacquillard and Hanieh Rachid

"Move'n'Pick" is a people-triggered camera that captures pictures when subjects are striking the preselected pose.

ECAL/Pierre Allain-Longval, Manfred Gordon Baud and Iskander Guetta

Exhibition «Ligne de Mire»
From Tuesday to Sunday, 11H- 18H
In July and August, from Monday to Sunday

Place de la Cathédrale 6
1005 Lausanne

Photo ECAL/Calypso Mahieu

Talking Camera

Photo ECAL/Calypso Mahieu


ECAL/Calypso Mahieu


Photo ECAL/Calypso Mahieu