Theoretical training aims at enabling students to build a critical and personal discourse to support, strengthen and foster their artistic practice. Provided in the form of lectures, workshops and conferences, this education serves to explore the history of art, photography, design and film, to understand contemporary stakes in these disciplines, to learn about major figures and to assemble a collection of reference works.

Provided by first-rate historians, critics and theoreticians, these courses are bridges across disciplines but also provide specific training to support studio practice.

At Bachelor and Master level, this training leads to a diploma thesis covering the experimentation and exploration phase. Students develop personal research which they render in a freely chosen format, highly encouraged to display inventiveness and originality. The best theses are published or lead to wider research projects.

Anniina Koivu (Master)
Deodaat Tevaearai (Bachelor)

Professors and lecturers
Antonio Albanese
Alexandru Balgiu
Jonas Berthod
Christian Besson
Estelle Blaschke
Angelo Cirimele
Galien Dejean
Pierre Doze
Anne Dressen
Roland Frueh 
Alexandre Gaillard
Laurent Guido
Christophe Guignard
Claus Gunti
Nathalie Herschdorfer
Patrick Keller
Stéphanie Moisdon
Federico Nicolao
Anna Percival
Cyrille Piguet
Pierre Ponant
Jeanne Quéheillard
Constance Rubini
Laurence Salmon
Richard Szotyori
Joël Vacheron

Theoretical training 1977

How can we simplify information?

Theoretical training 1996

Can I answer to my questions on design with others' texts?

Theoretical training 1983

What's bad faith?