Bachelor Film Studies

This programme is for students passionate about all genres of film and moving image (fiction, documentary, experimental movie, institutional film, TV programme, video clip and advertising). Although training in directing – including personal scriptwriting – remains central, this Bachelor course also provides extensive multidisciplinary skills in the various film-making professions (scriptwriter, director of photography, editor, sound recordist, mixer…).

Through lectures and workshops provided by renowned figures of the discipline, the students perfect their skills in fields as varied as stage direction, actor direction, scriptwriting or production. Commissions by institutions or companies ensure that students are confronted with an actual working environment. Often presented in festivals the world over and broadcast on national and foreign TV channels, ECAL films are regularly awarded distinctions. Additionally, the students benefit from theoretical courses and multidisciplinary conferences on the ECAL premises.

The skills acquired during the Bachelor curriculum allow students to explore and submit a portfolio of varied films, enabling them to then sign up for various film-making professions, to produce art house films or advertisements, and to work in television, production companies or festivals. The students may also further their knowledge in their preferred field by embarking on the Master in Cinema at ECAL or a similar programme in another institution.


Lionel Baier


Rachel Noël


Jean-Guillaume Sonnier (production & diffusion) 

Mykyta Kryvosheiev (post-production) 



Luc Andrié

François Bovier

Thibault de Chateauvieux, Paris 

Rachel Noël 

Benoît Rossel, Paris 

Richard Szotyori

Visitng Lecturers

Elsa Amiel, Paris 

Kaveh Bakhtiari 

Jean-Stéphane Bron 

Stéphanie Chuat

Jacques Comets, Paris

Valérie Donzelli, Paris

Philippe Faucon, Toulon

Sophie Fillières, Paris

Damien Froidevaux, Paris

Pauline Gaillard, Paris

Denis Gheerbrant, Paris

Hippolyte Girardot, Paris

Delphine Gleize, Bordeaux

Agnès Godard, Paris 

Véronique Goël

Arnaud Gourmelen, Paris

Laurent Guido

Antoine Jaccoud

Laurent Kempf

Jacques Kermabon, Paris

Darius Khondji, Paris

Arnaud Laporte, Paris

Virginie Legeay, Paris

Malcolm Le Grice, Londres

Xavier Leherpeur, Paris

Sébastien Lifshitz, Paris

Elina Löwensohn, Paris

Dominique Marchais, Paris

Frédéric Mermoud, Paris

Emmanuel Mouret, Paris

Bruno Podalydès, Paris

Thomas Salvador, Paris

Hannes Schüpbach, Winterthour

Céline Sciamma, Paris

Raphaël Sohier, Paris

Virgil Vernier, Paris


Claire Atherton, Paris

Olivier Assayas, Paris

Nathalie Baye, Paris

Marco Bellocchio, Rome

Julie Bertuccelli, Paris

Louise Bourgoin, Paris

Guillaume Brac, Paris

Romeo Castellucci, Cesena

Alain Cavalier, Paris

Michael Cimino, New York

Catherine Corsini, Paris

Denis Côté, Montréal

Pippo Delbono, Turin

Emmanuelle Devos, Paris

Vincent Dietschy, Paris

Jacques Doillon, Paris

Amos Gitaï, Paris

Christophe Honoré, Paris

Marthe Keller, Paris

Nicolas Klotz, Paris

Joachim Lafosse, Bruxelles

Noémie Lvovsky, Paris

Vincent Macaigne, Paris

Tonie Marshall, Paris

Ursula Meier, Bruxelles

Luc Moullet, Paris

François Ozon, Paris

Elisabeth Perceval, Paris

Olivier Père, Paris

Antonin Peretjatko, Paris

Bruno Podalydès, Paris

Emmanuel Salinger, Paris

Barbet Schroeder, Paris

Régis Wargnier, Paris

Diploma film sets
Two men in their sixties spend day and night in a camper. They hunt meteorological balloons coming down to earth. These objects don’t have a value for the scientists anymore, but do become the reason for a treasure hunt.
La Source
In the middle of the darkness of a chalet of a past century, between the cracks and the dirt of an old mirror, somebody appears. It is Lisbeth. She moves forward in her dressing gown with precaution, trying not to wake Anne who is still sleeping. In front of her reflection, she discovers her shoulder. The skin is cracked, darkened and in blood. The disease is back.
At the edge of a rail traffic, in an abandoned garage four people of different backgrounds live in a perfect harmony. At night, loud noises scream on their street. Milda, Alan, Nadine and Selena know they live their last moments together before the destruction of their home.
Jérôme has failed his High-School leaving exams. He spend the day with his best friend, David before to go to a party.
The price of the ticket
Gabriel, a 14 year-old graffiti maker meets Tony at the swiss-italian border…
Mia, a former trapeze artist from Florida finds herself at the head of a small circus with her husband in German-speaking Switzerland. Despite an exhausting nomadic lifestyle, Mia has faith in the circus tradition and patience while passing on this cultural heritage to her daughter Simone.
Stone Age
In a vast stone quarry, an explosion reveals an object from the past.
Sarjo is fired from the laundry of a luxury hotel where he was working. At night, before leaving this place for good, he steals an access card and enters into the clients corridors of the building.
The night at the port
Émile is a security guard in the port of Strasbourg. One night, while he's on his tour of inspection, he has a strange encounter with a young woman sitting at the edge of the water…
Diploma film posters
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