ECAL 2012


by Pierre Benoit

“ Alexandre Scriabine was a Russian composer born in 1871. Mysterium was an unfinished project he started in 1903, exploiting the human senses through different disciplines such as music, dance, projections, perfumes and poems, in order to replace the human race with “ nobler beings ”.

I was particularly seduced by the multi-task, as well as the universal and symbolic aspect of this colossal work. Through a new music notation system and photography, I have written a sheet music of the Mysterium. Because of its incompleteness, this project allowed me to position myself more as a graphic composer than an objective translator subordinate to the music. Everyone is free to interpret its content as they want. ”

Pierre Benoit

GRAPHIC DESIGN,  Scriabine Mysterium, Pierre Benoit 1286
GRAPHIC DESIGN,  Scriabine Mysterium, Pierre Benoit 1482