Research project, ECAL 2008


Design and Museology

The exhibition design is a creative process that consists in moving from the idea of an exhibition to its display and communication.

As a multidisciplinary and collective activity, it brings together those responsible for determining the content of an exhibition
– museum management, curators, exhibition curators
- and those involved its practical realization
– scenographers or exhibition designers.

The ECAL and the HEAD Geneva offer trainings in different branches involved in exhibition design: visual communication, interior architecture and industrial and product design.

Since September 2006, they are combining their efforts to carry out applied research in exhibition design following two complementary lines of research:

• Experimentation : by setting up research workshops with the aim of testing concrete and innovative solutions to questions raised within contemporary exhibition design. Three workshops took place: 

- in December 2006 on the topic of collections (private, public) with Martino Gamper and Benjamin Reichen > images 1-4
- in March 2007 with Alexandra Gübeli and Claudia Wildermuth on the topic of setting texts in space > images 5-9

- in November 2007 with Philippe Délis (curator), Sean Murphy and Brian Studak on the topic of visual communication in exhibition space > images 9-12

• The state of the art : by gathering and diffusing original knowledge, theoretical and practical, on the contributions of design in contemporary museum practice. 
Interviews with : Chantal PROD’HOM, directrice du mudac, Lausanne ; Stéphane JAQUENOUD, designer muséographe, Jaquenoudesign, Penthalaz (dead in november 2007) ; Alexandra GÜBELI, architecte et scénographe, GXM architectes, Zurich ; Philippe MATHEZ, conservateur au Musée d’ethnographie, Genève ; Patrick REYMOND, architecte designer muséographe, Atelier Oï, La Neuveville ; Philippe DÉLIS, architecte designer scénographe, intégral phillipe délis, Paris et Rabat ; Paul NEALE, GTF (Graphic Thought Facility), Londres Martin R. SCHÄRER, directeur du Musée de l’alimentation à Vevey, vice-président du Conseil international des musées (ICOM).

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Main applicant

Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne
Julien Ayer
Luc Bergeron
Jean-François Blanc (chef de projet)

Nicole Udry


Haute école d’art et de design – Genève

Jacques-Xavier Aymon

Mathilde Brenner
Lysianne Léchot Hirt

Carlo Parmigiani

Magali Junet


From Septembre 2006 to December 2008

Funded by the HES-SO (University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland)

DeMo,  RaD,  Design , Museology 3406

Workshop n°1 at ECAL. © ECAL

DeMo,  RaD,  Design , Museology 3410

Workshop n°2 at Head-Geneva. © Head-Ge

DeMo,  RaD,  Design , Museology 3414

Workshop n°3 at ECAL. © ECAL