From 03.11.2012 to 04.11.2012

For its 14th edition, Langenthal Designers’ Saturday offers carte blanche to the ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne. It provides the setting for the ECAL to present its exhibition entitled “Low-Tech Factory”, a selection of machines designed by Bachelor’s and Master’s students of Industrial Design and Product at a workshop led by designers Chris Kabel and Tomás Král.

At Langenthal, factories are omnipresent.For this carte blanche, it seemed to us natural to ask students to look at showcasing the manufacturing process of an object, from the machine to the finished product. They therefore experimented with simple and ingenious shaping methods such as moulding, thermoforming and knitting to obtain finished products.“Low-Tech Factory” tackles the subject of automatic production beloved by designers, bringing together six entertaining machines which throughout the exhibition produce mirrors, hats, sacks, toys, lamps, and even popcorn!


Low-Tech Factory , Langenthal, Exposition 2369

"Rocking-Knit", ECAL/Damien Ludi, Colin Peillex. Photo ECAL/Nicolas Genta