Workshop Renate Buser
Workshop with Renate Buser
Anima Mundi
Diploma project by Olivia Wünsche
Workshop Antony Cairns
Workshop with Antony Cairns
Diploma film sets
Two men in their sixties spend day and night in a camper. They hunt meteorological balloons coming down to earth. These objects don’t have a value for the scientists anymore, but do become the reason for a treasure hunt.
La Source
In the middle of the darkness of a chalet of a past century, between the cracks and the dirt of an old mirror, somebody appears. It is Lisbeth. She moves forward in her dressing gown with precaution, trying not to wake Anne who is still sleeping. In front of her reflection, she discovers her shoulder. The skin is cracked, darkened and in blood. The disease is back.
At the edge of a rail traffic, in an abandoned garage four people of different backgrounds live in a perfect harmony. At night, loud noises scream on their street. Milda, Alan, Nadine and Selena know they live their last moments together before the destruction of their home.
Jérôme has failed his High-School leaving exams. He spend the day with his best friend, David before to go to a party.
The price of the ticket
Gabriel, a 14 year-old graffiti maker meets Tony at the swiss-italian border…
Mia, a former trapeze artist from Florida finds herself at the head of a small circus with her husband in German-speaking Switzerland. Despite an exhausting nomadic lifestyle, Mia has faith in the circus tradition and patience while passing on this cultural heritage to her daughter Simone.
Stone Age
In a vast stone quarry, an explosion reveals an object from the past.
Sarjo is fired from the laundry of a luxury hotel where he was working. At night, before leaving this place for good, he steals an access card and enters into the clients corridors of the building.
The night at the port
Émile is a security guard in the port of Strasbourg. One night, while he's on his tour of inspection, he has a strange encounter with a young woman sitting at the edge of the water…
Les acteurs de la vigne, exposition d'Elisa Ribeiro
Exhibition by Elisa Ribeiro in collaboration with la Confrérie des Vignerons at the Vevey Images Festival.
L'espace Arlaud exposes the work of the students photographers of the class of Matthieu Gafsou and their look at various religious and spiritual cultures of the canton of Vaud.
Diploma film posters
I Fall In Love With Everyone
Diploma Project by Nora Smith
Diploma Project by Isabelle Stauffer
Reply to your ad
Diploma Project by Olivia Schenker
Hvala mama
Diploma Project by Ardita Meha
Protogen, Inc.
Diploma Project by Julien Deceroi
Árbenz Arbenz
Diploma Project by Carole Arbenz
Ryokuhi Club
Diploma Project by Remy Ugarte Vallejos
Diploma Project by Margaux Piette
Diploma Project by Emma Panchot
Project Iceworm
Diploma Project by Anastasia Mityukova
Diploma Project by Vincent Levrat
Digital Excavation
Diploma Project by Ivo Fovanna
Turunç (Bitter Orange)
Diploma Project by Solène Gün
Diploma Project by Myriam Bonaglia
May 2018
Diploma Project by Thaddé Comar
Experience Sébeillon
La Société Realstone SA, propriétaire du quartier de Sébeillon à Lausanne, et l’ECAL s’associent dans la réalisation d’un événement artistique hors du commun.
Workshop with Maya Rochat
Workshop 1st year Photography B.A with artist Maya Rochat
Moment Catcher
Diploma Project by Dongwoo Kim
Dyne Modular System
Diploma Project by Luca Kasper
Weather Thingy
Diploma Project by Adrien Kaeser
Prelude in ACGT, Chr. 1 to 22 and XY
Diploma Project by Pierry Jacquillard
Tools for Connected Humans
Diploma Project by Giulio Barresi
300 000 km/s
Diploma Project by André Andrade
You can't see the mountain from the peak
Diploma Project by Callum Ross
Light Them All
Diploma Project by Corentin Vignet
Diploma project by David Loy
Sometimes I feel like I am taken less seriously
Diploma project by Clémentine Rousset
I am
Diploma Project by Théo Marielle
Diploma project by Sylvan Lanz
Sounds Like A Choice
Diploma project of Ann Kern
viet/ l'ing/ ai non/ ai l/
Diploma project of Pauline Brocart
Workshop Olivier Cablat
Workshop with Olivier Cablat during the week of Rencontres de la Photographie d'Arles 2018
Artefact Analogique
Diploma project by Maximilien Pellegrini
Bachelor Industrial Design diploma's projects, 2018
Type specimen
Type design illustrated on a specimen.
Communication of a press article
Communication of a press article
Workshop with Nicolas Barradeau
And Now We're Steady
My First Kiss
Workshop with Emmanuel Crivelli (Dual room)
Benches for the Musée national Picasso-Paris in collaboration with Tectona
Workshop Thomas Albdorf
Workshop first year bachelor photography with Thomas Albdorf
Adventures in typography
Workshop avec SPIN studio, Londres
Workshop Fabien Cappello
One week workshop led by Fabien Cappello on the topic of books on the move
Orbis Pictus Politicus
Bloc Week with Jonas Vögeli (Hubertus Design)
Point & Shoot
Workshop with Map Project Office
Semester project from the 1st year video course led by Pauline Saglio
Journey to the Block
Léonard Guyot - Video - 1st year course led by Pauline Saglio
Evan Kelly - Video - 1st year course led by Pauline Saglio
Vitrine Piguet Galland
Open Days 2018 – Print Shop
Display of projects realised during the Open Days 2018 of ECAL.
Serge Ghazale, semester project
Course with Guy Meldem
Course with Harry Bloch
Communication of a press article
Communication of a press article
Type Specimen
Type design illustrated on a specimen.
Portrait Politique Futuriste Historique Démagogue Calomnieux
Type Design
Type design illustrated on a specimen.
Multiple Choices
Editorial Design course with Gilles Gavillet & Jonathan Hares
Popular initiatives
Communication of a political campaign
Workshop Thierry Mugler
Workshop for the luxury brand Thierry Mugler with Philippe Jarrigeon
écal Masterclass