Diploma project, ECAL 2013


Each year the students of the Master of Advanced Studies in Design for Luxury and Craftsmanship are asked to develop a personal project which allows them to work in a more personal and experimental manner. 

Being a fishing fan Virgile Thévoz decided to create a kit for amateur fishermen, which draws attention to the industrial and artisanal know-how involved. The finishing on the pieces is primarily taken from the world of Haute-horlogerie, the resulting kit containing a wide range of weights, spoons and floaters. These accessories, which are entirely made out of metal, can be assembled according to the weather fishing conditions and the type of fishing we wish to practice. The entire kit is contained in a slide-box made of larch with cork slots, chosen for its imputrescibility, buoyancy and its intrinsic relation to the world of fishing.

The catalyst for Chia-Yun Lee's personal project was her fascination with nomadic tribes. The way in which these nomadic people arrange and transport their belongings seems to her so simple and efficient. By focussing on this way of organising ones-self, she wanted to re-think her own way of travelling by organising her belongings in individual containers, which once closed and gathered together, create a true travel bag where everything remains easily accessible. 

Having a strong link with Kenya, Petra Kuon wanted to design objects stemming from her own personal experiences. For this project she drew her inspiration directly from 3 tribes: the Mursi, the Masai and the Dogon, each having their own distinctive appearance. By combining African craft techniques with European culture, she decided to develop a series of 3 vases.  Playing with different materials and ornamentation to highlight the flowers the vases hold results in a unique aesthetic.

Set de pêche

ECAL/Virgile Thévoz

Maua Maridadi

ECAL/Petra Kuon


ECAL/Chia-Yun Lee