Workshop, ECAL 2013


by 1CVdg, 2CVdg

Teacher(s): Job Wouters (Letman)

Job Wouters aka Letman, well known for its lettering artworks, took out of his suitcase pencils and markers, as well as strange utensils much different than a typical pen and asked to his students to create, produce or divert objects from their original function to turn them into new handwriting tools. Students brought back plastic fans, water hoses, electric toothbrush, treadmills, and other uncommon objects to generate their very own handwriting machines. After a lot of trial-and-error experimentation, specific gestures and choregraphies, these newly constructed DIY machines brought about a unique aesthetic and a variety of proportion in the letter forms they produced. The results included experimental videos, books, posters, and photographs. In conclusion, the project facilitated a fun and productive week.

Giliane Cachin, Alice Franchetti, Daniel Hättenschwiller, Thomas Petit, Clément Rouzaud