Workshop, ECAL 2013


by 1CVPH

Workshop held by Augustin Rebetez, artist and photographer with  the first year photography class.

During this week the students worked on the theme of the sect, creating their own temple and cult.

Aso Mohammadi

Mind Thongphubal & Quentin Lacombe

Diane Deschenaux

Clément Lambelet

Gregory Monnerat & Marvin Leuvrey

Matheline Marmy & Paulo Wirz

Pierre-Romain Guedj & Frédéric Bonna

Elsa Guillet

Zoé Aubry

Imara Paterno'Castello

Arunà Canevascini

Calypso Mahieu

Jules Moskovtchenko

Angélique Stehli

Marine Vallotton

Tanya Kottler