Wednesday 09.04.2014
Cinema Arlecchino, Milan

For the Milan International Furniture Fair 2014, Camper, the Majorcan shoe brand, and the ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne present an exceptional multidisciplinary project at the Arlecchino Cinema on Wednesday 9 April (from 9 pm to midnight). Students of the Master Product Design have made a shop, under the supervision of Bethan Laura Wood, which has been used as the set for “Training”, a short film directed by Jan Czarlewski, a graduate of the ECAL Bachelor Cinema. (Images HD)

The projection of this fiction film is accompanied by a documentary by Arthur Touchais, who is also a graduate of the Bachelor Cinema. All communication materials for this event (graphic design and photography) have been undertaken by former students of ECAL.

“ The basic idea was to create a full-size Camper shop in the Studio Cinema of ECAL,and shoot a short film,” explains Ramón Úbeda, the person in charge of the project at Camper. “We wanted this project to be multidisciplinary and for it to bring together many of the different skills taught at the ECAL, especially the Cinema option, that makes this school a unique training centre of its kind.”

The first stage was having the students of the Master Product Design create a mock-up of a shop. Under the supervision of the British designer Bethan Laura Wood, they have created an original set, an authentic design piece with two-way mirrors – a special effect that is vital to the script – and shaped like a huge shoe box. “ What is there to film in a Camper shop? To discover the film’s concept we were inspired by the company philosophy: humour and jokiness”, reveals Jan Czarlewski, director of this short film lasting around 12 minutes. With that in mind, the film could only be a comedy. The story is about the first day at work of a young stammering, awkward and stressed salesman, who is trained by the shop manager, who is himself an anxious person…

This short fictional piece is accompanied by a documentary by Arthur Touchais, narrating the process of putting together the whole project, from making the shop to creating the communication materials, done by Romain Collaud, graduate of the Bachelor in Graphic Design at the ECAL. (Brochure)

Wednesday 9 April
Screenings open to public (free entrance)
From 9 pm to midnight (every 30 minutes)
Cinema Arlecchino
Via S. Pietro all’Orto 9
20121 Milano

Poster by ECAL/Romain Collaud

Film "Training" by Jan Czarlewski

Documentary by Arthur Touchais

Shooting. ECAL/Axel Crettenand

Shooting. ECAL/Axel Crettenand

Camper Store. Image ECAL/Axel Crettenand