ECAL 2014


by 2CVdg

Teacher(s): Mason Wells and Sean Murphy

So what is your belief system?

Are you isolated in your opinions?

Do you feel part of a movement?

Does your design approach polarise your work?

Do you have conflicting opinions?

Do you want to fuck things up?

This is about self reflection. There is no right or wrong.

Lilian Kim, Joana Castro Santos, Eloïse Rossetti, David Scarnà, Joy Laporte, Marie Cajka, Oriane Chaussard, Anne Stock, Vanja Jelic, Rasmus Schoenning, Marin Muteaud, Frederik Mahler-Andersen, Samuel Pasquier, Tancrède Ottiger, Clémence Chatel, Naomi Gallay, Virginie Angéloz, Alexandra Chernopazova, Sabrina Fischer, Emilie Pilet, Nolan Paparelli, Klaus Stille, Océan Bussard, Laure Budestschu and Victor Tual

ECAL/Lilian Kim and Joana Castro Santos

ECAL/Klaus Stille and Océan Bussard

ECAL/Lauren Budestschu and Victor Tual