Diploma project, ECAL 2014


Teacher(s): Augustin Scott de Martinville, Alexander Taylor

Diploma projects of 2014.

Switch ECAL/Alan Philippart 8491

Switch ECAL/Alan Philippart

The Future Sausage ECAL/Carolien Niebling 8493

The Future Sausage ECAL/Carolien Niebling

Bolla ECAL/Claudio Gatto 8496

Bolla ECAL/Claudio Gatto

ONE ECAL/Dominic Schlögel 8497

ONE ECAL/Dominic Schlögel

Stonetaste ECAL/Hyunwook Lee 8500

Stonetaste ECAL/Hyunwook Lee

Stonetaste ECAL/Hyunwook Lee 8501

Stonetaste ECAL/Hyunwook Lee

Marina ECAL/Júlia Esqué 8502

Marina ECAL/Júlia Esqué

Low Five ECAL/Miloš Ristin 8505

Low Five ECAL/Miloš Ristin

Leatherproof ECAL/Olli Hirvonen 8507

Leatherproof ECAL/Olli Hirvonen

Ara ECAL/Seraina Lareida 8511

Ara ECAL/Seraina Lareida

Isola ECAL/Takafumi Nemoto 8514

Isola ECAL/Takafumi Nemoto

Air Force ECAL/Thibault Penven 8516

Air Force ECAL/Thibault Penven

Knitguard ECAL/Ulysse Martel 8520

Knitguard ECAL/Ulysse Martel

EAL ECAL/Vincent Dechelette 8522

EAL ECAL/Vincent Dechelette

EAL ECAL/Vincent Dechelette 8524

EAL ECAL/Vincent Dechelette

Avlu ECAL/Ayse Yesim Eröktem   8525

Avlu ECAL/Ayse Yesim Eröktem