Master HES-SO in Integrated Innovation for Product & Business Development - Innokick

The Innokick Master programme allows students to acquire the necessary interdisciplinary skills to develop innovative products and services. It also enables them to develop business opportunities to meet actual business needs while remaining user-oriented. The objective is thus to respond to the market demand for innovative managers, agile and active in their professional environment, creative in their proposals and able to answer technological and social challenges.

This interdisciplinary training, unique in Switzerland, brings together students from three areas, namely Art & Design, Business, Management & Services and Engineering & Architecture.

The programme closely combines academic education with practical training in the framework of actual projects initiated by SMEs/SMIs and start-ups *. It also relies on strategic partnerships with various innovation support actors and several companies in Switzerland.

The Innokick Master not only opens new job prospects for students in the various vocational fields, but also gives them privileged access to selected tools in order to develop their professional ambitions and to anticipate changes in labour market demand.

* Companies 2015-2016 : Felco Motion, Lambda Health System, Logitech, Mobsya, Transports Lausannois

Companies 2016-2017 : Aéroport de Genève, Atelier Nova, Elite, Sterilux, Vélocité

Companies 2017-2018 : Bobst, Centre Sport et Santé, GSK, JOJ2020, Terre des Hommes

Companies 2018-2019 : Fischer Connector, Nestlé System Technology Center, Ville de Lausanne (Clubs de tennis), Uditis, Valentine Fabrique

Companies 2019-2020 : LNS, Bien-Air Dental, Fédération Romande des Consommateurs, Smart Lab (Romande Energie), Kokoro Lingua, Helvetia Environnement 

Companies 2020-2021 : Logitech, Transports Lausannois, MobyFly, SportiWorld, Cave de la Combe Marendaz

3 semesters

Bi-annual fees
CHF 500.- per semester (course fees) CHF 250.- per semester (materials)


French and English

Qualification issued
Master of Science HES-SO in Integrated Innovation for Product and Business Development

Registration deadline : April 30 (February 20 for who need to obtain a visa)

Olivier Naef

Executive committee
Laurent Soldini (Art & Design), Antoine Perruchoud (Business, Management & Services) et Jérôme Mizeret (Engineering & Architecture)

Information and contact


Master Innokick working place in Ateliers de Renens

Summer Academy 2016, HKSTP, Hong-Kong