Diploma project, ECAL 2015


Teacher(s): Xavier Perrenoud, Bethan Laura Wood, Nicolas Le Moigne

Kaja Solgaard Dahl, Tapputi and the Sea

“Tapputi and the Sea” is a tale of natural sea sponge, heat, skin, texture,
 fragrance and rituals. Perfume has a fascinating history with roots in Mesopotamia two millenaries B.C. where the first known chemist, named Tapputi, used the method of distilling essential oils. In my casted solid perfume forms the material properties of the sponge informed the design and enables interactions. One can apply gently by rubbing the shape on the skin, the heat of your skin melts it just enough and fragrance transfers. Blending different perfumes directly on your skin allows you to create a new scent.

Nicolas Lalande, Side Lamp

The particularity of this table lamp is that the top part, from which the light source is going out, can be used as a dimmer. An internal cogs system reduces the rotation speed and offers a better precision when the user turns the disc in order to decrease or increase the quantity of light. The main challenge of this project consists in hiding all the electronic and mechanical components to maintain a minimalistic aesthetic and retain a surprizing effect with the added function of this simple object.

Josefina Munoz, Leather Vases

My diploma project consists in experimentations with leather, using a medieval technique called « boiled leather ». By dipping the material in water and applying the form in a mould, the material properties of leather change. The surface becomes rigid while the natural texture of leather stays the same. I realized different forms that can be fixed together in order to create unique compositions. The interior of these containers was waterproofed thanks to bee wax can be used as flower vases.

Stefano Panterotto, Down Backpack

Behind the minimal and aesthetic of this leather laptop backpack is lies a highly engineered foam padding that prevents its content from accidental falls. The inspiration comes from the inflatable packaging used to ship electronic devices, while the design is directly inspired by the tubular structure of down jackets and upholstery. This construction allows the variation of different thicknesses and densities of foam, reducing the costs and enhancing the lightness of the backpack. Two shapes are merged together to create the volume thanks to the tensions of the padded structure, obtaining a backpack where the form is always defined.

Rodrigo CaulaCarbon Wood Glasses

For my diploma project I have chosen to use a technical material called Carbon Wood, originally developed for applications such as Formula 1. This composite material is composed over 140 layers of hand-laid Carbon Fiber sheets. The curvature from the design reveals a grain pattern on both the frame and temples reminiscent of precious wood, is finished by hand and made in Switzerland and references the classic eyewear from the early 1900’s.

Alexis TourronDon't play with fire. This time, i did.

My personal diploma project started through my long lasting fascination with fire. This natural element is a moving as a living power. In this project I wanted to design a series of objects including a lantern, a torche, a candle holder and a fire pit that illustrate my passion for exploration, for travelling and for adventure.

Oplélie SangaSee yourself into your fantasy

The production of mirrors seemed like a mystery to me and I wondered how could their surface be so perfect. While looking for information, I discovered German chemist Bernhard Tollens who invented a solution at the end of the 19th century that spreads mirrors into everyone’s houses.With his technique, I experimented mirror manufacturing and treated the reflection in an abstract way, trying to obtain symmetric Rorschach patterns. Then I applied these experimentations on various common accessories, such as pocket mirrors, table mirrors and wall mirrors. 

ECAL/Kaja Solgaard DahlTapputi and the Sea

ECAL/Nicolas Lalande, Side Lamp

ECAL/Josefina Munoz, Leather Vases

ECAL/Stefano Panterotto, Down Backpack

ECAL/Rodrigo CaulaCarbon Wood Glasses

ECAL/Alexis TourronDon't play with fire. This time, i did.

ECAL/Oplélie SangaSee yourself into your fantasy