Studio project, ECAL 2015


Teacher(s): Philippe-Albert Lefebvre, Stéphane Halmaï Voisard

In collaboration with Swiss bike manufacturer SCOTT the 1st year Master in Product Design students have developed new concepts for urban commuter bicycles.

Urabn commuting by bicycle has increased steadily during the last years and has become a major part of nowadays urban traffic. The students focused on the needs of these daily cyclists, who use their bikes to go to and from work, to run errands or simply to get around town, in any weather condition.

The students' designs address everyday luggage transport, blending components and frame as a whole, modularity, easy adjustment, anti-theft devices and other innovative new solutions for a better ride.

Image: ECAL/Axel Crettenand

Shooting Brake ECAL/Dong In Seol, Hyung Moon Choi, Rebecca Loaiza

Urban Carrier ECAL/Caroline Thurner, Thomas Schmitz, Roosa Ryhänen 

Quick Release ECAL/Julie Bernard, James Dart, Patrick Tarkhounian

Extrusion ECAL/Éléa Nouraud, Anthony Guex, Takeru Sato, Leïla Chouikh

Duo ECAL/Lola Buades, Stanislaw Czarnocki, Hansel Schoulpt 

Wombat Bicycle ECAL/Thomas Elliott Burns, Katarzyna Kempa, Lucas Frank