From 12.04.2016 to 17.04.2016
e15 Milan Showroom [map]

On the occasion of the Milan International Furniture Fair 2016, from 12th to 17th April at the e15 Milan Showroom, ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne presents projects realised by 1st year Master Product Design Students in collaboration with German furniture brand e15. Under the guidance of designer Camille Blin, the students developed 14 furniture concepts celebrating the company’s iconic BACKENZAHN™ stool.

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Marking the twentieth anniversary of modern design classic BACKENZAHN™, e15 invited Master Product Design students of ECAL to develop own interpretations for furniture and accessories utilising the same materials available to the company’s co-founder Philipp Mainzer when he conceived the iconic stool.

With a focus on sustainability, the BACKENZAHN™ stool was created using wood offcuts from the production of celebrated table BIGFOOT™. For its signature form and detail, seasoned heartwood is used, resulting in characteristic cracks, which make every stool unique.

Under the guidance of designer Camille Blin, the students produced a series of 14 objects that reflect everyday functions, such as book shelves, children’s toys or paperweights.

Press preview
Monday 11 April, 4 pm – 6 pm

Monday 11 April, 6 pm – 10 pm

Opening hours
Tuesday – Friday, 10 am – 7 pm
Saturday – Sunday, 10 am – 5 pm

e15 Milan Showroom
Via Tortona 34, 20144 Milan

«Lucky – Side board» by ECAL/Maxime Augay. Image ECAL/Maxime Guyon

«Cask – Bottle rack» by ECAL/Sara de Campos. Image ECAL/Maxime Guyon

«Bakula – Console» by ECAL/Adrien Cugulliere. Image ECAL/Maxime Guyon

«Whale – Toy» by ECAL/Paul Louda. Image ECAL/Maxime Guyon

«Anvil – Side table» by ECAL/Yeyeon Park. Image ECAL/Maxime Guyon

«Yuragi – Rocking stool» by ECAL/Hiroyuki Morita. Image ECAL/Maxime Guyon

«Two – Table tray» by ECAL/Sumegha Mantri. Image ECAL/Maxime Guyon

«Mitsogo – Shelf» by ECAL/Adrien Cugulliere. Image ECAL/Maxime Guyon

«Vanish – Bench» by ECAL/Christian Holweck. Image ECAL/Maxime Guyon

«Junctions – Side table» by ECAL/Sara Regal. Image ECAL/Maxime Guyon

«I Beam – Weight» by ECAL/Yasunori Morinaga. Image ECAL/Maxime Guyon

«Herz – Fruit bowl» by ECAL/Hugo Chaffiotte. Image ECAL/Maxime Guyon

«Half – Mirror» by  ECAL/Nicolas de Vismes. Image ECAL/Maxime Guyon

«Plok – Stool» by ECAL/Antoine Chauvin. Image ECAL/Maxime Guyon