ECAL 2016


by 3CVPH

1020 Renens

Exhibition photo

03 mars – 23 mars 2016

Place du Marché, Renens

It’s all a question of time. A photograph is shot in a fraction of a second, in one instant. A city changes, it transforms; and to be defined into a new image, it could take years, decades or centuries. During one year, the photographer Nicolas Faure has worked together with the 15 students of the 3rd year photography class at ECAL in Renens. They explored various themes such as the documentary of an African community or the life of teenagers in schools or at the pool as well as the every day life at the office or the intimacy of retired people. The images, assembled in a book as a tribute to Nicolas Faure, are pieces of reality that are sometimes raw and sometimes reworked. They let our mind travel around even when we are still here, in Switzerland, in Renens.

ECAL/Jacques-Aurélien Brun

ECAL/Maxime Guyon