Studio project, ECAL 2016


by 1MaDP

Teacher(s): Camille Blin

Marking the twentieth anniversary of modern design classic BACKENZAHN™, e15 invited Master Product Design students of ECAL to develop own interpretations for furniture and accessories utilising the same materials available to the company’s co-founder Philipp Mainzer when he conceived the iconic stool.

With a focus on sustainability, the BACKENZAHN™ stool was created using wood offcuts from the production of celebrated table BIGFOOT™. For its signature form and detail, seasoned heartwood is used, resulting in characteristic cracks, which make every stool unique.

Under the guidance of designer Camille Blin, the students produced a series of 14 objects that reflect everyday functions, such as book shelves, children’s toys or paperweights.

HD Images

Brochure with explanations

Photo ECAL/Maxime Guyon

Lucky by ECAL/Maxime Augay

Bakula by ECAL/Adrien Cugulliere

Junctions by ECAL/Sara Regal

Anvil by ECAL/Yeyeon Park

Cask by ECAL/Sara de Campos Rodrigues

Yuragi by ECAL/Hiroyuki Morita

Plok by ECAL/Antoine Chauvin