From 10.09.2016 to 02.10.2016
Festival Images, Vevey [map]

From 10 September to 2 October 2016, Festival Images Vevey will once again transform the little town of Vevey into the Swiss capital of photography. Visitors will get to discover 75 projects based on the theme of ‘immersion. Besides the numerous graduates, ECAL offers various installations: 


ECAL/Florian Amoser – Quai Maria Belgia

Quantified Landscape introduces an ongoing research project on the photographic transposition of space on a flat surface. Deep in the heart of underground galleries, Florian Amoser maps out the relief by placing a motor-mounted laser on the ground. The light beam slowly sweeps the walls of the cave, thereby drawing a continuous line according to the principle of contour lines. These long exposures create black and white landscapes that refer as much to analogue practice as to the digital finish of 3D modelling. These pictures are exhibited on display panels facing Lake Geneva.

Original scenography by Festival Images Vevey


ECAL/Marvin Leuvrey – Quai Maria Belgia

Revelations offers a fantasy-like narrative by immersing into Lake Geneva images of fragmented bathers. Leuvrey combines photography with visual research by applying soil, sand and trash collected from the lakeside onto the negatives and trying out various experiments with acetone, paint and oil. He also integrates water into his work by using the lake as a developing bath. By inviting visitors to tread on the images exhibited on platforms along the waterfront, the installation which starts off on Quai Maria Belgia prolongs the experimental process that Leuvrey uses on his photographs.

Original scenography by Festival Images Vevey and Bachelor Industrial Design students (Margaux De Giovannini, Maki Nakaya-Sommet, Mélanie Zufferey).


ECAL PhotoJukeBox – La Ferblanterie

Photography and music have much closer ties than we might think. Many musicians have paid tribute in one form or another to this mode of artistic expression, including Paul Simon (Kodachrome), Neil Young (Distant Camera), Lady Gaga (Paparazzi), Kraftwerk (Das Model), Barbara (Si la photo est bonne), Eddy Mitchell (La photo des jours heureux), Duran Duran (Girls on Film), The Cure (Pictures of You), Depeche Mode (Photographic) and Ringo Starr (Photograph). Festival Images has invited some thirty first-year Bachelor Photography students from ECAL to produce in one day a video clip for a song. The result is presented in the form of a jukebox that enables festivalgoers to select and listen to a tune by their favourite artist while enjoying a tailor-made video clip.

A production by Festival Images Vevey and ECAL. Curating: Stefano Stoll, Milo Keller


ECAL Scenography

Bachelor of Industrial Design students worked on orginal scenography to present the projects of the various artists.


Festival Images Vevey Information

Dates: 10 September – 2 October 2016
Free entrance
: Saturday 10 September
Opening hours for indoor exhibitions: Every day, 11:00-19:00

Festival Images is an outdoor photography festival, which encourages you to walk around the city to discover installations on walls, in streets and in parks.

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Quantified Landscape by ECAL/Florian Amoser

Révélations by ECAL/Marvin Leuvrey

ECAL PhotoJukeBox ECAL/Myriam Bonaglia — Paul Simon - Kodachrome

ECAL Scenography Images ECAL/Marvin Leuvrey. Scenography: ECAL/Margaux De Giovannini, Maki Nakaya-Sommet, Mélanie Zufferey