Sunday 06.11.2016
Designers'Saturday, Langenthal [map]

Congratulations to the Bachelor Industrial Design team (in partnership with the carpet manufacturer Ruckstuhl) who won this weekend the GOLD WINNER award for the best "Carte Blanche" with the "ECAL Oasis" installation on the occasion of Designers' Saturday in Langenthal.

Anais BD, Marion Aeby, Marceau Avogadro, Camille Blin, Jacques-Aurélien Brun, Giulia Chéhab, Raphaël Constantin, Athime de Crecy, Alessia Di Santo, Salim Douma, Quentin Frichet, Victor Guittet, Stéphane Halmaï-Voisard, Jules Mas, Andreas Piedfort, Adrien Rovero, Jeanne Siffert, Antoine Vauthey...

Check out the "ECAL Oasis" tumblr: http://ruckstuhlxecal.tumblr.com/