Mandate, ECAL 2016


Teacher(s): Tomas Kral


Creativity knows no boundaries and certainly not those of kitchens! The collaboration with Mauviel represents for ECAL and students of the Master in Advanced Studies in Design for Luxury & Craftsmanship an incredible opportunity to delve into the world of gastronomy. Through a project that began with a tour of the whole class at the factory in Normandy, which was followed by a meeting with the stared chef Yannick Alléno in Paris, students were able to discover a world where knowledge is synonymous with Excellency.

Facilitate the work of chef, sublimate the tastes and products but also present the dishes straight from the fire were points that were ringside in the specifications. Mauviel’s expertise in terms of transformation of material through specific techniques, but also knowledge of the specific needs of the chefs were also extremely useful elements to start this ambitious project. 

Accompanied by the designer Tomas Kral, students from around the world were able to explore many ways. A selection made under the expert eye of Mauviel then gave birth to a series of prototypes that are waiting to be tested. For the ECAL, this collaboration is again a discovery, a valuable exchange and for sure a wonderful tasting experience! 

ECAL/Martin Bolo 

Frying pan “Marais Salants”

Inspired by salt marshland, this frying pan has been embossed off centre, fore and aft, creating two separate compartments. Making it more practical to cook food of different consistency separately. This separation allows the retention of undesired liquid from meat or excess of oil.


Frying pan "Elévation"

This pan is fitted with a raised part, which is not in direct contact with the heat. So if food needs to be kept at

an even heat , whilst cooking another one, the raised part allows such process , by stopping its cooking process

and keeping it warm through the heat conductor.


Lid “Dame de nage”

Inspired by the cycle of water, this lid offers various methods of cooking based on steaming. The rounded levels means water can spread evenly. This multi -level recipient may be used with its vent open, cooking with the various flavoured ingredients.

ECAL/Jiwon Choi 

Ice cream Hugger

A set of bowls and ice container, hollow shaped with a steel ring used as double partition. The design using

steel to keep ice cool, whilst allowing the user to be in contact with the ambient temperature.

ECAL/Clément Beaugé 

Cutting board

Chopping board with a beechwood base and a copper and steel tray. Notches in the board allow the tray to move back and forth, to collect chopped vegetables or vegetable peels. 

ECAL/Jungyou Choi 


This coffee maker is made up in 3 parts: a container, a filter and a top. Its functioning is identical to classic

Italian coffee maker, but in addition bears the hallmarks of the maker. The base is made of polished copper,

where the top part is made of copper tin. The finishing touches make it a subtle and elegant object for daily


ECAL/Hyunjee Jung 


In Asia, it is customary for cooking pots to be placed directly on to the dining table, which keeps the food warm whist preserving its flavour. This copper steamer optimizes the heat conservation and looks elegant on the table.



This burner heater is different from others because of its lightweight. Its small size makes it a perfect tool on camping holidays and family picnics. While maintaining its function as a burner heater, its simplified structure and handle improves the heat conservation of the dishes and increases comfort when moved. 

ECAL/Jenna Kaes 


Cooking by smoking allows one to explore creative combinations of flavours using simple recipes. An indoor smoker that can be used in the kitchen. Its contemporary and attractive design makes for full flavoured and savoury meals. 


Lid « Cloud »

Inspired by the cycle of water, this lid offers various methods of cooking based on steaming. The rounded levels means water can spread evenly. This multi -level recipient may be used with its vent open, cooking with the various flavoured ingredients.


Saucer “Ladle”

This saucer shaped ladle makes serving dishes easier, with its two shells, it may be used as a standard ladle or as a saucer, even when liquids and solid food are mixed. 

ECAL/Einat Kirschner 


The idea of this grill is to place it directly on to the hob and use it as a serving dish. It is made up of 3 parts: the bottom part collects the juices, a perforated part enabling the liquids to run into the bottom part, and a serving part supporting the grill which can be brought to the dining table.


Cookie tin “C’est parfait!”

This set of tins has been designed to create the “perfect” cookie. Its ideal shape, its optimal thickness, makes for baking perfect biscuits every time! Additional parts may be added to the tin to create designs on the cookies, making their preparation more fun. These tools may also be used in the preparation of other recipes such as burgers or doughnuts.

ECAL/Hyewon Lim

Champagne bucket “Champagne!”

This champagne bucket is inspired by condensation. The main part is made of hammered aluminium to house the bottle and ice; cold and humidity modify its surface. To avoid drops of water on the table, this container is inserted into a copper base - its attractiveness reflects the universe of its maker. 

ECAL/Pauline Masson

Asparagus Set

This asparagus cooker is the answer to cooking this delicate vegetable, as the tips tend to cook more rapidly

than the stalks. The design protects the tips during the cooking process. The tongs to serve the asparagus ,

adapt to their shape and avoid squashing them during service.

ECAL/Renaud Meunier


The graduations on this measuring jug are engraved on both the inside and outside, making it easily readable

for the user. Extra space is provided above the graduations for any additional ingredients , and allows the use

of a mixer avoiding splashes. Made of metal, this recipient maybe used on a hob and may be handled hot ,

thanks to their surrounding band of silicone- making it a multifunctional tool for the kitchen.



This pressure cooker is fitted with a locking system based on rivets, avoiding any plastic parts normally found

on this type of equipment. Traditional handles confirm its identity. General design is sober, the shape of the

top of the lid makes it more contemporary.

ECAL/Clarisse Mordret 

Steam cooker

This steam cooker has a copper tin base, on which sits a stainless steel pierced basket. The base is marked with a slot indicating the necessary level for cooking a full basket of vegetables. That way the vegetables are not directly in contact with the water and steam whilst preserving their minerals and all their flavours. Inspired by the code of “steam apples”, an emblematic symbol of the maker, this steamer can be brought directly to the table, preserving the vegetables optimal temperature.


Egg set

With this egg cup the idea is to replace the traditional products table objects in ceramic by copper utensils.

This piece, very sober, begins with a simple tube which then flares out to release the outline of the egg and give

it a certain elegance with its subtle shaped collar



This scallop Normandy style is one of the great prides of the French culinary heritage. Traditionally served

in its original shell, this one is made of copper tin. The removable handle allows it to be taken out of the oven

without burning one’s fingers.

ECAL/Takahiro Yamamoto 

Lunch box

Based on a traditional Japanese product, Mage-Wappa, this lunch box has all the marks of its maker. Two materials are used for this item; wood, that allows to retain optimal humidity in the box, and copper which when wet, allows sterilizing. The use of these materials is both functional and attractive.



This burner is designed with contemporary and clean lines. The three blades create dynamics as well as

guaranteeing the stability of the pan.


Nicolas Le Moigne


Ulysse Martel

Miloš Ristin

Prototypes realized by Mauviel

Image ECAL/Nicolas Genta

Prototypes realized by Mauviel

Image ECAL/Nicolas Genta

Mockups realized at ECAL

Image ECAL/Younès Klouche

Mockups realized at ECAL

Image ECAL/Younès Klouche

Exhibition «Cooking the Future» from 3rd to 10th september 2016 at Maison & Objet