Workshop, ECAL 2017


by 1CVPH

interlacing the image - process

1st step

create and shoot three still lifes without focusing on a certain product or object. in other words : create ‘abstract images’ through various ingredients. you could use: paper, fluids, photoshop, paint, cloth, etc.

2nd step

create objects out of the 3 abstract still life images you shot earlier. think about the presentation of the photograph in the space. try to stretch the general concept of the two dimensional image, the photograph (not just a print on the wall). find and explain the connection between image, object and presentation.

3rd step

re-shoot the objects you created, your ‘products’, in the studio. be inspired by and try to stretch the visual clichés of online-shop and catalogue photography.

ECAL/Younès Klouche

ECAL/Younès Klouche

ECAL/Cynthia Ammann & Théa Giglio

ECAL/Guillaume Baeriswyl & Eliott-Villars

ECAL/Julien Deceroi & Romain Roucoules

ECAL/Luna Conte & Alexandra Trotobas

ECAL/Elisa Ribeiro & Adrien Sgandurra

ECAL/Arthur Lehmann & Norida Ho

ECAL/Lucie Deluz & Lucie Viriot

ECAL/Fanny-Laure Bovet & Faustine Ardaine

ECAL/Aurore Bonami & Yul Tomatala

ECAL/Sarah Coppet & Guillaume Lamarre