Workshop, ECAL 2016


by 3DI

Teacher(s): Cédric Duchêne, Stéphane Halmaï-Voisard

Under the guidance of Cédric Duchêne, Engineer at EPFL+ECAL Lab, and Stéphane Halmaï-Voisard, Head of Bachelor Industrial Design, 3rd year Industrial Design Bachelor students were asked to conceive portable LED lights based on the inherent qualities of this technologie: compact, durable, energy efficient and modular.

Projects by Gianfranco Baechtold, Tobias Brunner, Raphaël Constantin, Athime De Crecy, Marie-Camille Gras, Vincent Mailh, Zoé Nguyen, Elie Reboul, Paul Vachon and Adrian Woo, assisted by Mathieu Lang and Nadine Fumiko Schaub.

Video by Jean-Guillaume Sonnier, assisted by Mathieu Lang and Nadine Fumiko Schaub

Portable LED lamps

ECAL/Vincent Mailh, Raphaël Constantin

ECAL/Jules Mas, Quentin Frichet

ECAL/Victor Guittet, Salim Douma

ECAL/Félicien Rousseau, Camille Coquelle

ECAL/Paul Vachon, Adrian Woo

ECAL/Elie Reboul, Gianfranco Baechtold

ECAL/Tobias Brunner, Athime De Crecy

ECAL/Zoé Nguyen, Marie-Camille Gras