Workshop, ECAL 2017


by 3DI, 3CVmid

Teacher(s): Paul Wolfson, Alex Hulme

Under the guidance of Paul Wolfson and Alex Hulme, designers at Map Project Office, 3rd year Industrial Design Bachelor students and Media & Interaction Design Bachelor students have conceived "point-and-shoot" objects. Those ones were inspired by the opportunities created by this new wave of Open Source and could be made easily available to people who might need or want them.

Party Pooper – Disrupting noisy neighbours

ECAL/Dimitri Nassisi, Géraldine Guillaume, Luca Kasper

Space Sound Sprayer – Music from your surroundings

ECAL/Julien Chaintreau, Johan Pricam, Lisa Li, Fabioa Soavelo

Noot – Wifi message broadcaster

ECAL/Marina Daguet, Nathan Baraness, Giulio Barresi

Love Corporation – Spreading love online

ECAL/ Nathan Gramage, Manon Membrez, Mathilde Colson

Riot Media – Autonomous projector

ECAL/Ferdinand Pezin, Marin de St-Exupéry, Callum Ross

Talking Camera – Camera for the blind

ECAL/Amélie Demay, Hanieh Rashid, Pierry Jaquillard

Terrible Measuring Master – Distance darts

ECAL/Dylan Casasnovas, Lisa Bernasconi, Maissen Kelian

Workshop view