Sunday 01.10.2017
ECAL Publishers

Divert your minds! We suggest you put aside the tedium of the everyday and, for a moment, enjoy an interlude of pleasurably provocative reading. "Diversions" Ⅱ is the second issue in the "Cahier de recherche" series, featuring a selection of essays by Master students in Product Design, Photography and Type Design at ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne. In these pages, we introduce the ideas, wishes and doubts that occupy a new generation of designers, while documenting the breadth of their perspectives.

The essays are:

  • Perception, lies and reality
  • An interview with Wolfgang Tillmans
  • Foto: Jim, Zürich
  • Anatomic moulding
  • Producing products
  • Prison labour
  • The legal copyist and the moral original
  • Times are changing with a female Boss
  • Teaching type
  • The Brody Müller-Brockmann problem Words form language, typography forms meaning