Thursday 01.03.2018
ECAL Publishers

"Maximage Color Combinations" explores how different colors and hues can interact together, and how they can merge from one to another. Without any chapters or formulas, colors travel from shiny to matte, blue to celadon, frozen to boiling,reflective to absorbent, dark light to brain grey, spectral to metameric, sunshine to neon, from Atlanta to Albertville, or from Leipzig to Juba via Napoli and back again, in an attempt to tell infinite stories. The reader will not find here this year’shot color nor the trends for next season. Rather, each page tells a different story that each user can relate to, reinterpret or reappropriate in their own way.

This book is a tool for designers, artists and printers who are interested in personalized and unique color palettes. Created using between 2 and 5 spot colors, over 120 combinations were generated directly in the offset press by interfering withthe ink unit. This unorthodox color-mixing technique helped to create more than 450 spot colors evolving over the 500 different books, turning each one into a set of totally unique combinations.

This publication follows Maximage Formula Guide and Maximage Raster Guide, and is part of the Workflow Research Project(R&D). It was conceived and printed during a workshop at ECAL held by Maximage and the printer ThomiWolfensberger, Zurich. Workflow is a research project led at ECAL by David Keshavjee, Guy Meldem, Tatiana Rihs, Julien Tavelli and supported by the HES-SO/ University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland. Maximage ColorCombinationswas printed at ECAL in 2017 by Benjamin Plantier, Thomi Wolfensberger and Maximage

Maximage Color Combinations (500 copies)
Edited and published: ECAL x Maximage
Specifications: 23,5 × 33 cm, 240 pages, 1428g, 2017
Printed at ECAL
Price: 60 EUR / 70 CHF
ISBN: 978-2-9701157-9-3