Workshop, ECAL 2015


Thayaht was born in Florence, Italy and was

related to American artist Hiram Powers. He

studied painting at the Académie Ranson in

Paris, as well as scientific dyes

and dynamic structure at Harvard

University. He adopted the pseudonym

.THAYAHT. around 1919, a “bifrontal”

palindrome (visually symmetrical,

it can be read from right

to left, left to right, and in a


In 1919, Thayaht started designing

his most famous piece. The TuTa,

which Thayaht called “the most innovative,

futuristic garment ever

produced in the history of Italian

fashion” was an early example

of what we now know as coveralls,

intended revolutionize fashion on create a

modern and particularly Italian style. With

help from his artist brother RAM (Ruggero

Alfredo Michahelles) he launches the new design

in 1920, and the pattern is published

by the newspaper La Nazione so that the TuTa

is accessible to all. Intended as a practical

item of clothing for the everyday, it was

instead adopted as a fad by high Florentine