Workshop, ECAL 2018


by 1CVPH

Workshop held by Austrian photographer Thomas Albdorf with the first year bachelor in photography students. Under the title "Working from memories", Albdorf introduced the students into his approach in image making and asked them to find ways to react to recent technological developments in image production. with the photographic tools that largely determine the photographers practice, be it camera-based photography, photorealistic 3D-rendering or still lives in front of a mostly flat constructed scenery.

ECAL/Mina Albespy

ECAL/Valentin Woeffray

Photo: Thomas Albdorf

ECAL/Matthieu Croizier

ECAL/Santiago Martinez 19717

ECAL/Santiago Martinez

ECAL/Achille Laplante Le Brun 

ECAL/Maewënn Bourcelot

ECAL/Calypso Mahieu

ECAL/Mindaugas Matulis

ECAL/Calypso Mahieu

ECAL/Romain Roucoules

ECAL/Charlotte Favre

Photo Thomas Albdorf

ECAL/Pavo Marinovic

ECAL/Charlotte Favre

ECAL/Calypso Mahieu

ECAL/Gaël Corboz

ECAL/Laurent Fiorentino

Photo Thomas Albdorf

ECAL/Anouk Maupu