From 28.09.2018 to 30.09.2018
C/O Berlin Foundation [map]

Photobook: Reset – The Oracle

On the occasion of C/O Berlin (28-30 September), ECAL presents "The Oracle", an installation by Clément Lambelet (BA Photography graduate) and Thomas Le Provost (BA Graphic Design graduate). Curated by Milo Keller (Head of BA & MA Photography) and in collaboration with Self Publish Be Happy. 

"The Oracle" has no gender, no ideology, no pre-conception. An interactive multimedia altar to Photobook:Reset that resides in the foyer of C/O Berlin. 

Using light and shadow, sound and silence and an artificial intelligence,The Oraclewill  offer visitors advice and make forecasts about the future of photography, books and life.  

Analysing data – predictions made by experts participating in the workshops and as well as visitor feedback – it acts as stimulator for future action. In a time of great uncertainties "The Oracle" will shine as a beacon questioning our blind faith in technology.

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