Diploma project, ECAL 2018


by Pauline Brocart

Teacher(s): Gilles Gavillet & Jonathan Hares

viet/ l’ing/ ai non/ ai l/

(vietato l’ingresso ai non addetti ai lavori

entry to non-professionals is forbidden)

"The further a project is from its state of completion, the more it is virtual, it does not mean that there is 'less', but on the contrary that it is more open to multiple reappropriations." (Pierre Lévy) This project explores the unfinished Sicilian, these architectures of public order having never functioned. 

It tries to locate, to grasp the temporal state of these places.

The book oscillates between elevation and shock, construction and decomposition. Between the ruin, which incites to remember and the construction site to imagine, what projection can we have, today, of these urban objects?

viet/ l’ing/ ai non/ ai l/