Workshop, ECAL 2018


by 1CVdg 1CVph

Teacher(s): Robert Huber, Nicolas Haeni

Graphic designer Robert Huber and photographer Nicolas Haeni piloted a transversal workshop between the first years Bachelor Graphic Design and Photography. By joining their complementary skills, several groups of students selected a swiss tourism-related activity, offering an alternative and offbeat vision in edition form.

ECAL/Justine Willa, Sofia Papaefthymiou, Jeremy Maffei, Emma Chapuis

ECAL/ Julie Neuhaus, Sarah Koeke, Alice Polo Carrard, Leoni Limbach

ECAL/ Hugo Hectus, Clara Roumégoux, Axel Bruniau

ECAL/ Ludivine Keller, Guillaume Schilter, Julie Ryser, Elena Najdovski

ECAL/ Marie Noury, Antoine Martin, Thaïs Nguyen, Amanda Puna

ECAL/ Pauline Baldinetti, Lara Ziörjen, Laetitia Paroz