Diploma project, ECAL 2018


by Eliott Grunewald

Teacher(s): Kai Bernau, Radim Pesko

EPOXY is project based on the experimentation of a new tool, using the relation between type and space, to present a serie of 3D typographic elements. The elements are then included in differents spaces, they are defined in 4 dimensions, the x and y axes but also a third dimension: the space, and the fourth: the time. Each shape and “lettering” is designed in a lot of different steps, from the structure, to the sculpture, the texture and then the animation in a particular space. The video in VR refers to the idea of a specimen, to display and show the typographic shapes.

Epoxy. Diploma Project by Eliott Grunewald

Epoxy. Diploma Project by Eliott Grunewald