Tuesday 11.06.2019
Art Basel [map]

Huge success for ECAL during the Swiss Design Awards 2019 ceremony at Art Basel with 9 graduates awarded on a total of 17 winners. ECAL also had 28 graduates amongst the 48 finalists. Regarding the Swiss Art Awards 2019, ECAL graduates won 2 important prizes!

Swiss Design Awards

  • Graphic Design: Ann Kern (BA Graphic Design), Sylvan Lanz (BA Graphic Design), Guillaume Chuard (BA Graphic Design), Ondrej Bachor (MA Type Design)
  • Photography: Solène Gün (BA Photography)
  • Products and Objects: Julie Richoz (BA Industrial Design), Egli Studio (BA Industrial Design), Micael Filipe & Romain Viricel (BA Industrial Design), Dimitri Nassisi (BA Industrial Design)

Swiss Art Awards

  • Gabriele Garavaglia (MA Fine Arts)

Fondation Kiefer Hablitzel

  • Natacha Donzé (BA Fine Arts)


Ex­hi­bi­tions from 11 to 16 June 2019 – Hall 3 of the Messe Basel, Art Basel



Guillaume Chuard

Image Etienne Malapert

Solène Gün

Image Etienne Malapert

Micael Filipe & Romain Viricel

Image Etienne Malapert

Ondrej Bachor

Image Etienne Malapert

Egli Studio

Image Etienne Malapert

Sylvan Lanz

Image Etienne Malapert

Dimitri Nassisi

Image Etienne Malapert

Ann Kern

Image Etienne Malapert

Julie Richoz

Image Etienne Malapert