Workshop, ECAL 2018


by 3DI

Teacher(s): Jonathan Olivares

Jonathan Olivares asked the 3rd year students to identify an object or subject of interest and consider a room built around it. The room purpose, materials contents and construction all stem from themes found within the selected object or subject. The room should be 130 Square meters, free standing, transferable to any location or context, and could serve as an exhibition, installation or habitable interior. 

A room for a Letterbox

ECAL/Antoine Jacquat

A room for a Roof

ECAL/Victor Jacquard 

A room for Artificial Plants

ECAL/Nathalie Borgeaud

A room for Gondry's objects

ECAL/Samuel Perhirin

A room for a T-Chair relaunch

ECAL/Valentin Sieber

A room for Black

ECAL/Noelani Rutz

A room for Camping

ECAL/Maximilian Sirtl