From 07.11.2019 to 09.11.2019
Au Roi, Paris [map]

To celebrate the Paris Photo 2019 edition, the Bachelor Photography students of ECAL, under the artistic direction of Nicolas Poillot, translated the music of the producer IKAZ BOI into images. The visuals, sometimes smooth and neat, sometimes dark and rough, were produced by listening to the new project BRUTAL 3: an  intimate album oscillating between romance and darkness composed with instrumental tracks only. Exclusively, 500 unpublished and numbered vinyl copies were created especially for this occasion.

For two days, ECAL invests the Au Roi gallery, inviting spectators to a sound and visual journey, in an ephemeral sensory space generated by a synchronous video installation.

HD Images

Cocktail: 07.11.19 from 19h00 to 21h30 (by invitation only)

Exhibition: from 08.11.19 to 09.11.19 from 10h00 to 20h00

Place: Au Roi, 75, rue de la Fontaine-au-Roi, 75011 Paris

After: Brutal Party

Curators: Nicolas Poillot & Milo Keller

Students: Mina Albespy, Faustine Ardaine, Maëwenn Bourcelot, Jenna Callewaert, Sarah Coppet, Gaël Corboz, Noé Cotter, Matthieu Croizier, Alexandra Dautel, Charlotte Favre, Laurent Fiorentino, Norida Ho, Gohan Keller, Achille Laplante - The Brown, Pavo Marinovic, Santiago Martinez, Mindaugas Matulis, Anouk Maupu, Maxime Pouillot, Margot Sparkes, Tara Ulmann, Valentin Woeffray

Partners: Know-How, Heineken, Elipson


Photographie: ECAL/Faustine Ardaine & Matthieu Croizier
Design Graphique : ECAL/Thomas Le Provost
Fonte: Miniature, ECAL/Benedek Takács

Repro by ECAL/Margot Sparkes

Repro by ECAL/Margot Sparkes

Repro by ECAL/Margot Sparkes

Repro by ECAL/Margot Sparkes

ECAL/Faustine Ardaine and Matthieu Croizier

ECAL/Faustine Ardaine and Matthieu Croizier

ECAL/Mina Albespy and Laurent Fiorentino

ECAL/Anouk Maupu and Margot Sparkes

ECAL/Tara Ulmann and Valentin Woeffray

ECAL/Maëwenn Bourcelot and Maxime Pouillot

ECAL/Alexandra Dautel