Friday 18.10.2019
ECAL, Renens

Swatch provides a blank canvas to emerging and established artists. Swatch X ECAL present five new Swatch X You designs, created by students of ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne – the first partnership of its kind. Among more than a hundred different designs submitted by Bachelor first-year students of ECAL, five selected artworks will move to the Swatch X You customization platform. Here, customers can create their very own watch, picking their favorite design and choosing their preferred snippet. A unique printing technology takes care of the rest, assuring that the new canvas for the wrist is delivered in no time.

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Creativity has no limits, as these new Swatch X You designs proudly show:

TOPOGRAPHIC by Antony Demierre (born 1995 in Geneva⁄Switzerland, Bachelor Media and Interaction Design student): an organic take on mechanical watches and their multi-layered clockwork mechanism, creating a topographic digital imagery while playing on depth levels through the use of shape and color.

HORAE by Caroline Perrenoud (born 1999 in Le Locle⁄Switzerland, Bachelor Photography student) and Sofia Papaefthymiou (born 1996 in Paralimni⁄Cyprus, Bachelor Photography student): an artwork that reflects the beauty of an abundant, lush flora. Biotope variety ranges from the exotic to the wild and the rural, providing a wealth of shapes and colors to play with and honor the vibrant energy of nature.

FÊTE DU SLIP by Laetitia Khiara (born 1998 in Lausanne⁄Switzerland, Bachelor Fine Arts student): cheeky sketches of hand drawn female and male private parts full of humor and lightness.

STRANDS by Sébastien Galera Larios (born 1996 in Payerne⁄Switzerland, Bachelor Media and Interaction Design student): a masterpiece painting reinterpreted with a digital 3D extrusion process, creating timeless imagery out of centuries-old pigments.

68LINES by Jorge Reis (born 1996 in Lamego⁄Portugal, Bachelor Media and Interaction Design student): a project inspired by dazzle painting and kinetic art, generating optical effects with graphic layers.


Avenue du Temple 5
CH – 1020 Renens


Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez

STRANDS by ECAL/Sébastien Galera Larios

FÊTE DU SLIP by ECAL/Laetitia Khiara

TOPOGRAPHIC by ECAL/Antony Demierre

68LINES by ECAL/Jorge Reis

HORAE by ECAL/Caroline Perrenoud & Sofia Papaefthymiou