Workshop, ECAL 2019


by 1CVdg

Teacher(s): Ronny Hunger

Sometimes you don’t know that something has been lost — until it’s found again. How many brilliant lost, neglected and forgotten artists can there be?

How many albums have been forgotten? How many have been lost? How many were rejected by labels because of political content, critical album artworks or band names? How many didn’t make it through a release and were eliminated or shelved for lack of success? How many dreams, hopes and statements were destroyed?

We found 8 of these forgotten albums and worked on the record cover artworks, we tried to catch the mystical mood of these lost recordings, we tried to capture this forgotten music and tried to tell these incredible stories.

Mathilde Rietsch

Raphaël Carruzzo, Hugo Le Corre, Léo Pizzera

Samantha Trinkler

Marion Marquet

Vera Gonzalez Ponce

Julie Pavia

Aurélien Uberti

Samuel Bregnard

Morgane Cachin, Alice Monguzzi

Charlotte Viglino, Tania Praz

Manon Vouga, Ella Paleni