From 13.03.2020 to 30.04.2020
ECAL, Renens

UPDATE 06.05.2020

By decision of the Swiss Federal Council in response to the health crisis linked to COVID-19, the ECAL/Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne will be reopened from the 8 June 2020. However, means of distance learning have been put in place in order to maintain as much as possible the continuity of the courses and not to prolong the duration of the studies.

This decisions are aimed at helping to slow the contagion of the COVID-19, in an effort of social responsibility and solidarity towards people who are most vulnerable to the virus, and alleviate the strain on medical services.

As long as the rules of social distancing are effective, administrative activities continue to ensure the necessary organisation for the implementation of these measures. If you have any questions, the administration can be reached by telephone at: +41 21 316 99 33 or at info.crise@ecal.ch

The various ECAL services dedicated to students (Workshops, Library, Printing Centre, Technology Centre, Audiovisual Service) will be closed from Monday. More information soon. 

In addition, event activities in the ECAL building have also been suspended. More info at: www.ecal.ch

As far as ECAL registrations for the year 2020-2021 are concerned, candidates will be informed via email about the organisation. Further information: inscription@ecal.ch

NEW ADDITION (01.05.2020): Please find below the 2nd set of academic measures put in place by the HES-SO and which are applicable to basic training from now on:

French PDF

In conclusion, ECAL is making every effort to ensure that all students can complete the academic year in the best possible conditions in view of this particular situation. As far as possible, all the solutions that allow us to carry out our mission are sought and applied, in order to guarantee a teaching that meets your expectations. 

We thank you for your understanding in these troubled times and wish you all the best of health!