Studio project, ECAL 2020


by MAP

First and second year MA `Results from first semester evaluations. During this semester the students had the chance to work with Milo Keller, Bruno Ceschel, Lars Willumeit, Qiu Yang, Area Of Work, Cecile B Evans and Kim Knoppers and Ann-Christin Bertrand among other teachers and lecturer for workshops and portfolio reviews. 

Sara Bastai  26315

Sara Bastai's We Melt

sally jo 26321

sally jo's After Rain At Mt Inwang

Natalie Maximova 26322

Natalie Maximova's Until It Was

Philipp Klak 26328

Philipp Klak's Automated

jelly louise 26331

jelly louise's wading in blood

Igor pjorrt 26332

Igor pjorrt's Of All The Islands The Most Beautiful And Free