Diploma project, ECAL 2020


CHANG Chialing

The Japanese term “mono” means “substance”.How can we ensure that materials convey their natural richness and simultaneously reveal their network of relationships with all other coexisting substances, while at the same time involving as little artificial manipulation as possible?This on-going composition exercise explores the simplest structures in which multiple landscapes and thoughts can be expressed. By limiting the use of materials to wood, metal and stone, focusing on their various properties and carefully composing them through refined juxtapositions, the results explore the limitations and invisible forces of these materials.

Just a Stool

This project is based on formal but also personal research. It has been a way to develop and deepen a number of elements, including geometric compositions, assemblages and colour schemes. Through a journey made up of various drawings and experiments, the project materialised with plexiglass. Through collaboration with a specialised craftsman, my intention is to use this material with its transparencies and reflections to offer multiple perspectives of the object.

OH Sunny

“Porous” is a project that uses mesh materials to play with the notion of boundaries. By applying a blend of industrial and hand-crafted production techniques, these materials can be cut, sewn, and shaped into forms that preserve the connection between one space and another – blurring the lines between inside/outside, rigid/flexible, clear/opaque. The result is a collection of simple objects that feel light, surprising and playful.

RIVERO Fernando

Specialised coffee equipment is usually boring. It relies on sturdy, inexpensive materials that look more like laboratory equipment than home accessories. For this project I sought to create an elegant shape that alludes to coffee machines but which tells a different story. Using the siphon method, “Bloom” is a coffee maker that encourages people to take their time, experiment and enjoy the luxury of properly brewed coffee, thus creating a new ritual.

THERRE Charlotte

This project is a study of shapes inspired by the world of Swiss watchmaking and mechanical arts and, more particularly, the precision that certain machining techniques can achieve. The aesthetics of the pieces come directly from the research of explored compositions and the resulting assembly cut-outs. The four pairs of jewellery are designed to be worn separately and are worn intuitively and non-invasively. The production combines both companies and craftspeople specialised in the field of jewellery. 

Diploma Project

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Diploma Project

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Diploma Project

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Diploma Project

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Diploma Project

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