Workshop, ECAL 2020


In 2020, Swiss Luxury house La Prairie join forces with ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne and proudly contributes to nourishing the next generation of artists and designers. As part of the partnership with the school – rooted in common values of creativity, Swiss aesthetics and craftsmanship – La Prairie has collaborated with students of ECAL Master of Advanced Studies in Design for Luxury and Craftsmanship programme, under the creative leadership of Sabine Marcelis, designer and winner of Wallpaper Magazine’s 2020 Designer of the Year award. Gal Bulka from Israel, Paula Chacartegui from Spain, Chialing Chang from Taiwan, Apolline Morel-Lab from France, Fernando Rivero from Mexico, and Charlotte Therre from Switzerland distinguished themselves as part of this collaboration with La Prairie.

For this collaboration, they were invited to design an object of design that expresses the brand’s vision of Swissness – the purity, precision and timelessness inherent to the land of the house’s origins. Using materials native to Switzerland, each student expressed a unique interpretation that captures the imagination. Collectively, their works embody an unmistakable Swiss aesthetic and, as citizens of the world, they bring a singular perspective to the notion of Swissness. The result is a combination of sculptural, kinetic, interactive and time-infused works that express diverse and creative interpretations of Swiss aesthetics. The works tell an emotional, immersive story through dynamic and interactive installations.

Visite in Gstaad

Image: ECAL/Younes Klouche

Material studdy

Image: ECAL/Younes Klouche