From 24.11.2020 to 24.12.2020
Tour Bel-Air, Lausanne [map]

Until 24 December, ECAL and its students invite the inhabitants of the capital of the canton of Vaud to relax, breathe, dance or travel through visual compositions on the iconic Bel-Air tower, which serves as a beacon in the city for the occasion.

The project involved around fifty students divided into groups of two. The students, who graduated from ECAL's Visual Communication Department's Bachelors in Graphic Design, Media & Interaction Design and Photography, were supervised by Angelo Benedetto, Vincent Jacquier, Clément Lambelet and Florian Pittet, assisted by Kylan Luginbühl, Amaury Hamon and Julien Gurtner. Out of the 25 sequences produced, 11 were selected to be projected on the tower.

Students: Elodie Anglade, Loris Briguet, Soraya Camina, Marine Dang, Jessica Dreier, Samuel Dumez, Vera Gonzalez Ponce, Jamy Herrmann, Aurore Huberty, Anaelle Iglesias Carballo, Samara Krähenbühl, Angèle Marignac-Serra, Iris Moine, Basil Pérot, Tania Praz, Yolane Rais, Antonin Ricou, Mathilde Rietsch, Camille Spiller, Nina Treichler, Samantha Trinkler, Fiona Valais and Mara Wohlfahrt


Project ECAL/Mara Wohlfahrt, Nina Treichler

Project ECAL/Jessica Dreier, Soraya Camina

Project ECAL/Jamy Herrmann, Marine Dang, Mathilde Rietsch

Vidéo on Vimeo