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Congratulations to Lucas del Fresno, who won the "Upcoming Talents" Award (CHF 15'000.-) on the occasion of the Solothurn Film Festival with his diploma film made as part of the ECAL/HEAD Master's Degree in Cinema (Directing option). This Suissimage/SSA Société Suisse des Auteurs award, which honors emerging talent, presented 27 short films of all genres.

It should be noted that the film was partly produced by Ketsia Stocker and the sound was the work of Vuk Vukmanovic, both of them in the framework of their specialization in Master Cinema as well. With the participation also of Theodora Menthonnex from the option Sound of Bachelor Cinema.



On the occasion of the Solothurn Film Festival, the nominations for the Swiss Film Awards 2021 were revealed. As a result, the ECAL and its graduates were honoured six times. 

Best Diploma Film, 5,000 CHF per nomination
- ALMA NEL BRANCO by Agnese Làposi, BA Cinema 2020, (ECAL, IDIP Films Sàrl)

Best Documentary, CHF 25,000 per nomination
- 5 NEWS FROM THE BRAIN by Jean-Stéphane Bron, BA CInema 1994, (Bande à part Films Sàrl, Lionel Baier)
- IL MIO CORPO by Michele Pennetta, MA Cinema ECAL/HEAD 2010, (Close Up Films Sàrl, Joëlle Bertossa, Flavia Zanon)

Best Short Film, CHF 10,000 per nomination
- TROU NOIR by Tristan Aymon, Bachelor Cinema 2010, (Association Terrainvague, Isabelle Zampiero)

- TUFFO by Jean-Guillaume Sonnier, Bachelor Cinema 2011, (Association Casa Azul Films, Jean-Guillaume Sonnier, Fabrice Aragno)

Best Editing, 5000 CHF per nomination
- SCHWESTERLEIN - Myriam Rachmuth, BA Cinema 2013



On the occasion of the Solothurn Days (online) from 20 to 27 January 2021, ECAL Cinema Department presents several films by students or graduates:

Films produced by ECAL:

  • "Clémente" by Nina Defontaine, MA Cinema ECAL/HEAD – Upcoming Talents
  • "Ecce homo" by Santiago Chacón, MA Cinema ECAL/HEAD – Upcoming Talents
  • "Europa" by Lucas Rubio Martinez (Lucas del Fresno), MA Cinema ECAL/HEAD – Upcoming Talents
  • "Tous les chemins" by Paul Choquet, MA Cinema ECAL/HEAD – Upcoming Talents
  • "The Way Home" by Lucas Giordano & Rodrigo Muñoz, BA Cinema – Upcoming Talents

Films by ECAL alumni:

  • "14" by Léo Maillard, BA Cinema 2000
  • "Bâtards (Episodes 1–6)" by Malou Briand & Raphael Meyer, MA Cinema ECAL/HEAD 2020
  • "Heidi en Chine" by François Yang, BA Cinema 2002
  • "Il mio corpo" by Michele Pennetta, MA Cinema ECAL/HEAD 2010
  • "Les traces" by Pablo Briones, MA Cinema ECAL/HEAD 2014
  • "Oasis" by Lila Ribi, BA Cinema 2009
  • "Plus chauds que le climat" by Bastien Bösiger & Adrien Bordone, BA Cinema 2009 & 2010
  • "Poussières" by Fabrice Aragno, BA Cinema 1998
  • "Sous la peau" by Robin Harsch, BA Cinema 2002
  • "The Brain" by Jean-Stéphane Bron, BA Cinema 1994
  • "Trou noir" by Tristan Aymon, BA Cinema 2010
  • "Tuffo" by Jean Guillaume Sonnier, BA Cinema 2011
  • "Two Old Stones" by Julien Chavaillaz, BA Photography 2010
  • "Vincent rend visite" by Benjamin Bucher, BA Cinema 2018
  • "Zu dritt" by Benjamin Bucher & Agnese Làposi, BA Cinema 2018 & 2019

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Upcoming Talent Award + Nominations for the Swiss Film Awards