Diploma project, ECAL 2021


Sarah Yao


Frames have accompanied artworks for centuries, acting partly as objects and partly as sculpture. In the present day, they are almost invisible to our eyes, yet play an important role nevertheless. This project revisits what surrounds art and photography in order to enhance the way we perceive them in their setting, whether at an art gallery, museum or in our own personal home. By rethinking these subtle, yet essential supports in the world of arts. “Adorn” is an exploration of assembly and form through the use of widely available aluminium profiles based on different traditional framing techniques.

Maxime Zenderoudi

Stool 1020

A stool is an object of many uses, regularly moved, stacked and stored. Stool 1020 is the result of a reflection on the comfort of the grip and the haptic perception offered to the user during these manipulations. Easily lifted with one hand, comfortably portable from one room to another, it can be stacked as many times as required with a muffled sound. Its light aluminium structure facilitates these daily gestures, while guaranteeing robustness and longevity to the whole.

Yosuke Shimano


Based on my experience as an eyewear designer for eight years, this project is a study that aims to apply various products starting from the materials and know-how used in eyewear manufacturing. Among them, focusing on acetate, which is a plant-based resin widely used for eyewear frames, and consider various visual changes by applying the lamination process performed in the manufacturing process, and incorporate it into basic products. 

Jean-David Ependa

Past Reflection

This watch was created on the basis of the mechanical compli- cation presented earlier. With an initial mirror effect, it transforms itself each day at a precise moment before returning to its initial state twelve hours later. This complication allows the dial and the movement to be revealed at the same time.

Diploma Project

ECAL/Sarah Yao

Diploma Project

ECAL/Maxime Zenderoudi

Diploma Project

ECAL/Yosuke Shimano

Diploma Project