Research project, ECAL 2021


by 1AV 2AV 3AV

29 April – Cinema Studip – ECAL and Stockholm

Thinking Together

  • Preamble (for those who want it) by Vinciane Despret present in the Studio Cinema
  • Screening of Marja-Ieena Sillanpää‘s performance, filmed by Erik Pauser
  • Screening of Leif Elggren‘s performance, filmed by Erik Pauser
  • Discussion led by Vinciane Despret with the students present, Sillanpää and Elggren online.


30 April – Cinema Studio – ECAL and Stockholm


Practice Together

  • Preparation of the students to re-enact the performances of the day before
  • Re-enactment of Sillanpää’s performance by the students
  • Discussion between students, Sillanpää and Elggren about the re-enactment of Sillanpää’s performance
  • Re-enactment of Elggren’s performance by the students
  • Discussion between the students, Sillanpää and Elggren on the re-enactment of Elggren’s performance.