Workshop, ECAL 2021


by 1CVPH

Teacher(s): Stéfanie Moshammer

« For this workshop there are no rules but I want you to tell me a story. I prefer to see a few images with a good concept, rather than too many images without any idea. » S.M

With this invitation, the students worked on the territory of the city of Renens in search of places, people and traces of a history that is not simply a series of beautiful images.


Bommer Johanna, Croxatto Matilde

Marachly Sarah, Cardaci Gilian

Corminboeuf Carla, Bevilacqua Léa

Rawyler Cyriane, Folkesson Jennica

Kaiser Leonie, Spreyz Samuel

Hochstätter Lorane, Lesueur Mathilde

Delpozzo Emanuele, De Grandis Martino

Michel Louis, Sblandano Lea

Paschoud Léo, von Allmen Anna

Bonard Stéphane, Masson Barnabé

Workshop Stefanie Moshammer

ECAL / Michel Louis, Sblandano Lea

ECAL / Bonard Stéphane, Masson Barnabé

ECAL / Paschoud Léo, von Allmen Anna

ECAL / Delpozzo Emanuele, De Grandis Martino

Workshop Stefanie Moshammer