Workshop, ECAL 2021


by 3CVPH

Teacher(s): Mårten Lange

Failure is necessary and is part of the artistic development that is articulated by risk taking, luck, ambition, fear and freedom. The aim of the workshop was to successfully photograph, edit and sequence a series of images on the topic of failure. The final results are presented in various forms: editions, simple prints or more complex hangings and videos.


Seraphine Sallin-Mason, Hector Codazzi

Noé Vercaemst, Ludivine Keller

Marvin Merkel, Florian Hilt

Julie Corday, Yolane Rais

Samara Krähenbühl, Basil Pérot

Angèle Marignac-Serra, Lisa Mazenauer

Delio Testa, Yves Möhrle

ECAL / Yolane Rais

ECAL / Ludivine Keller

ECAL / Marvin Merkel

ECAL / Yves Möhrle

ECAL / Seraphine Sallin-Mason, Hector Codazzi